1975 Honda CB 100 Classic For Sale

Selling passenger neh ..

cb 100 years 73 (retro abis bro)

- Surat2 complete (plate D, but is now location in south Jakarta), 12 months tax, replace the plate is still December 2014.
- Ori engine (still platinum) tok cer. ga guaranteed regret.
- Head lamp & ori rear lights, front & rear shock ori, ori battery tank n lid.

Gambar Honda CB 100 1975 Classic

- Smooth exhaust, alloy wheels also its size ori, tires still 90% good
- Electricity is still on (headlamps, rear left right n cents is still a flame)
- Padded seat for lift Malem weekly, heheheh
- Dipake malu2in boss will be invited ga .. hehehehe

scarce goods bro
7.5 cm jt (nego, but do not be cruel yes)

Takat (085921686201/021 80313154)
tel ye ato sms aja .. hehehe .. rarely ngenet
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