Honda CB 100 1975 (Purwokerto) Cowboy Puerto Rico

Honda CB 100 1975 Modified Cowboy Puerto Rico Pictures

In Texas, the cowboy hit the hill herding their cattle psksi horses. Eits, in Puerto Rico, aka Navan, there also appears a modern cowboy. See display Mukti Ali, who is also skipper cow real bikers.

It's not a real horse nyemplak. Iron horse but got gahar. "The issue of cruising, no less the same real horse. Able libas difficult path, "challenged stunt bike champion who lives in Perum Berkoh Indah, Block D, Purwokerto.

Horse CB100 transformed his style SE (Special Engine). The initial capital, can segeluntung order Suzuki RM125 1980. "Coincidentally, offering barter," said Mukta who persunting Goddess, one of his grandchildren Mbah Sadja from Kuningan, West Java.

Motor Sport Tarko submitted work on the framework. Replace the engine would have to change the cradle. Contrived cover body in rhythm. "This affair Modified Iis. He made the Honda CRF250 cover body style, "said the father of two children at once members of Navan Adventure Motorcycle Association (PUMAA) this.

By the way, exhaust nggakseperti cow sound right? Ngooooooo ....
Volcanduro front tire 80/100-21
Kenda rear tires 100/100X18
Airs next Suzuki RM125
Sok behind Yamaha Genesis 400
Swing-arm Yamaha Genesis 400
Renthal handlebars
KTM front sepatbor
KTM headlights
Handmade Tank
Handmade rear sepatbor
Block Honda GL-Pro
Honda GL-Pro drum
Piston and Tiger head
Fund USD 9 million

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