1976 Honda CB 100 Full Modif For Sale

Goods Condition: New
Price: Rp. 1200000
Seller Location: West Java

Ane willing nawarin Gan Excuse Honda CB Super Antique Taun 76,
Bore Up245cc, beloved motor that can be in daily use.
If the motor ninja nyalip do not worry stay Gass pooooool gan ..

Speak Machinery.
- As Tiger Kruck
- Noken As / Cam Shaft NMF Racing Performance
- Ratio Full Tiger
- Head / Boring Suzuki Satria 150F
- Ignition Rextor ProDrag
- Ignition Coils System Nologi

Speak Out.
- CB Tangky standard
- Muffler DBS
- Shock front of the New Honda Tiger Revo
- Step Standard
- Rear tire Powertread 225
- Front tire Yoko
- The letters complete, cheap tax and secure BPKB

Want off the 12 million negotiable.
If there are interested please call at
08562269666 (mono)
YM: Medio.core44
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