Honda C 70 Modifications SUZUKI NSR C-70 The Wild Hog

This photo-2 Brikut glance NSR restoration process C-70 the wild hog tea;)). Starting from a dream and will honor his masterpiece than JapĆ³n Honda Squire who saw him how to realize the spirit of The Power of the Dream it he ... sy inspired to have one of his masterpiece ... no other ... Honda C-70 in 1974 ... which according to Uncle Peter's house is called NSR 70 era is still being treated right because Uncle Peter, this motor can go till 110 km / h were invited to tile Ujung usual: D.

This restoration process for the Body Aa own kerjain dibantuin ama Mama Kuwu n 'Si Kasep Ariel tea ... nah for engine electrification dikerjain by Mahdi Workshop in Bogor in a whiz Pond motor modifications affairs ...

His body .. Honda C-70 ngak in the fox-2 types ... because according to mah Aa already ajiiiib n 'top markotop designnya ... 've aerodynamics and cute linings (bravo for Squire Honda .. booo already advanced 74 taun he bikinnya). Now for the engine, ignition and electrical codes must be healthy ... so Aa lakuin some modifications include:
- Engine pake Honda Grand because of experience in the village of Aa ... grand ngak no death ... very strong engine ... since it was purchased in 1997 ampe now recalcitrant abis.
- Ignition CDI use her Honda Supra X (info at Bogor Mahdi aja cuman workshop that can ngerjain inih) ... they generally use jets cool CDI yg cuman pas Okeh lansamnya hell invited nanjak somewhat mendem n 'ceudeum hehehe.
- Stang Gas, light switch, horn, etc ... pake Honda Supra X also let tasty gituh ... because who ever said ngak be using that again.

Naaah photographed also there are some references that EDUN C70 Honda suredun have friends from the country of residence to another: D.

NSR Green C70 Aa ... usually using that fit for the weekend by Aa-2 complex muter Ariel Bogor same ... pake her clothes stay Om Travolta is his Hog Wild ... so biker deh .... because the word pupuhu Dlm biker film Wild Hog ... real biker ituh not be seen from his riding style ato ... but his personality heuheuheu .... ceileeeee. So walopun NSRC70 ato pake pake even Bicycles ato nyeker even any ... adventourus if we have a soul like a true biker ... then you're a real biker heuheuheu ... forcing abis ... Biarin deuh ngak also disconnected. WILD Hogs yeaaaaaaaaah;)).
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