Yamaha L2 Super 1984

I may include one Yamaha motorcycle users and lovers who are lucky enough. Just imagine! Since 1978, nearly all Yamaha products I have ever had and use it for everyday purposes. Call it for example, Yamaha V-75, Yamaha V-80, L2 in 1978 Yamaha, 1981 Yamaha L2Super, L2 Super Yamaha 1984, Yamaha 2006 New Vega R, and the latest Yamaha Jupiter MX in 2006.

Among several variants of the Yamaha motorcycle, Yamaha L2 Super made in 1984 is the oldest motor, durable, and still often do I use for everyday purposes until recently. The motor I bought on April 6, 1986 in PD. Hope Motor, Jl. Jend. Sudirman No. 223, Bengkulu. My choice at Yamaha is not without reason. In addition to sturdy, construction is also Yamaha's most neat compared to other brand motors.

Since they are new, Yamaha L2 Super I often travel, both within the city or outside the city. Almost every week I used to go from Argamakmur, North Bengkulu (where I live that time) to the city of Bengkulu, a distance of not less than 180 km away-home. I often do this activity until the year 1990.

When I moved the task to the city of Bandung in April 1990, these motors also participated. In town this cool, adventure feels more fun and enjoyable. In addition to walk the streets in the city, the motor is also often do I take it around town with his family, even down to the Peak area, Lembang, Subang, and surrounding areas. No complaints meant that I felt at that moment. Although the field is traversed by heavy enough, but it all feels easy and uneventful course. Incline, slope, winding streets, no problem!

When I had to move the task back to the city of Semarang in June 1994, Yamaha L2 Super remain faithful to accompany. Like the two previous cities, L2 Super Yamaha seem increasingly happy to roam, both inside and outside the city. Travel the most distant and often I do every month is Semarang-Apex-Blora, returned home to visit parents, a distance of not less than 300 km away-home via the northern route. Although quite tiring, but the motor is still moving calmly among the roar of another vehicle. In fact, when the luggage was heavier, he remained steady power. It was a pleasant experience!

There is one interesting thing and always impressive to date. Although classified as an old motorcycle, but his condition is well maintained inside and out was able to attract the attention of many people. First, whenever I would move the task to another city, there are just colleagues or neighbors who are interested and hope to buy it. They think, bring an old bike around town must be very inconvenient. But for me, has a vintage motorcycle, let alone in good condition and always maintained, is a special delight. There side of history and an irreplaceable satisfaction, even by a new motor though.

Not only that. Highlight the admiration I also still felt today. Just imagine! When stopped at a traffic, there could be someone who was stunned to see the appearance of these motors, not rare even among those interested in buying them. Similarly, when I stopped at a gas station to refuel, or parking somewhere for a purpose, not a few people who expressed interest and admiration. Seeing this fact makes me more eager to maintain the condition of the motor in order to stay vibrant.

Currently the motor is still capable of use with good motor like new. As far as my experience, there has not been able to counter a similar motor reliability. In addition to the simple construction / neat, his toolkit also the most complete compared with other variants Yamaha motorcycle, let alone another brand motorcycle. Yamaha L2 Super really super!
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