2010 Ural Ranger - Classic Motorcycles

We want to stand in a crowd and can hide in the woods or desert? Try the Ural Gear-Up. Just like his cousin, and sports, such as looking for on-demand sidecar, assets and equipment to return to the past military Ural motorcycle family. Gear-Up combination as difficult in the Russian AK 47! Although a military upbringing, and several stages, until the match is also a more peaceful missions, such as fishing or hunting trip. If fishing or hunting is not your expertise, you’ll still be your friends impressed with the capabilities of motorcycles in the fire through the mud, sand and snow … Not to mention the camouflage paint scheme unbearable? Color: forest camouflage, desert camouflage Features: seats, saddles, sidecar bumper, lights, wheels, luggage rack, and Jerry can holders, spades, and the tonneau cover and the guard station, glove box
MSRP: See your URAL dealer

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