2010 Norton Commando 961 SE - Classic Motorcyle

Every year norton always release new product in kinds of design. The 961 Commando SE offers a new beginning product for Norton Motorcycles. it was Designed and built from the ground up, this bike continues the Norton legacy of defined style and performance.Simple and direct engineering solutions are employed to create a motor that is visually and mechanically elegant; efficiently assembled in production, and easily maintained or upgraded in the owner’s garage.

2010 Norton Commando 961 SE speac of engine

This modern roadster printing of the soul of the original machine. Classic sculptural forms are mixed with raw functionalism, laying beautiful shapes over a structural frame and muscular motor; resulting in a visual language that is both sensual and purposeful. With a very narrow waist and curves in just the right places, the 961 is a bike that feels as good as it looks.
MSRP: $17,899 USD

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