1962 Honda Dream Sport

There were, however, those who couldn’t ignore performance. And for them, the common Dream Touring model wouldn’t do. Instead, they sought out the rare Dream Sport, like this ’62 version owned by Pat Jones of Olive Branch, Mississippi, and previously on display in the Motorcycle Hall of Fame Museum at AMA headquarters in Pickerington Ohio.

1962 Honda Dream Sport - Classic Motorcycle

Honda Dreams weren’t exactly high-performance motorcycles. But then, they weren’t designed to be.

As one of the first models brought to the U.S. when Honda moved into the market in 1959, the 305cc Dream emphasized other elements of Honda’s approach to motorcycle-building. It was inexpensive to own, unintimidating to ride and reliable to maintain.

By 1962, though, the Sport’s days were numbered. That year, Honda brought out the Super Hawk, with a hotted-up version of the 305 engine bolted into a more capable chassis. The Sport was dropped after 1963, having served its purpose of injecting a performance image into Honda’s growing line of motorcycles.
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