Pasaran Kawasaki Binter Merzy KZ 200

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Although a separate segment, the market Kawasaki KZ 200 Binter merzy dereten still dominate most coveted old motkas aka the most wanted. Condition or fitness besutan also key considerations. Understandably there are two variants Binter merzy, which is divided based on platinum and CDI ignition.

To measure the price is generally struggle between USD 1 to 2 million, rose still 'material'. That means the price that much still needs more improvement, because baseball is still functioning mounts all conditions or even disappear. "But if the above 2 million, have generally still good. Well like a stone ring more sip, the more expensive, "explained Chandra Wijaya alias Chiang, retainer Motor Bandung, Jl. A. Yani, Sukaregang, Garut, West Java.

This besutan lover known mostly from among the hobbies to the community. Reflecting on from there, the origin is also a consideration of prospective buyers. If the community, usually maintained, rather than from individuals. "Moreover has been modified, the price would soar," added Chiang who diligently collect these old besutan.

For location of hunting is generally concentrated to the area, such as Bandung and its surroundings. IBHS is not the first hand but the exploration club colleague Binter users merzy KZ 200. "As MMC Outsiders and several other clubs," continued the man born 44 years ago.

Log into the area of Jakarta, is actually also a lot owner. But baseball a lot. As a result tungangan berdapur 200 cc race was extremely rare. "In Jakarta alone could be just coincidence, at that time dilego USD 3 million. Many colleagues chose to Bandung hunting. For the cost of alteration of platinum to the CDI ranges from USD 500 thousand, "said Eko from MMC Outsiders Jakarta chapter. So, happy hunting bro.

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