I don’t profess to be a critic of movies even though I have seen my fair share of road movies, and not withstanding this has a familiar theme that I’m sure that all who have seen it, would agree its a bit like City slickers meeting Easy Rider with a lot of fooling around thrown in...Yeah!
The movie is absolutely awash with first class actors and you need to be observant for some little cameo roles by other famous actors will surprise.
The notable lead stars all who are legends of film making like, Tim Allen as Doug, William Macey playing as Dudley, Martin Lawrence is Bobby, and the notable John Travolta as Woody.
The trailer clips that were released, showed us all that it was to be a road trip movie, with a fair bit of humour thrown in, and it didn’t disappoint.
The motorcycles of note were Harley Davidson's… pretty much all of them. Ridden by the stars in all but a few scenes, when doubles were used. It has been noted that a Major Motorcycle Riding Club took part in making up the numbers in the “procession” scenes and some of the stunt work. The Filmmakers were displaying some real heavy talent...besides Harley Motorcycles.
Worth a view on CD just for a laugh!
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