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We have seen Troy Corser and Ruben Xaus competing in the World Superbike Championship, the S 1000 RR taking BMW Motorrad into a new and exciting era.

It was not by chance that BMW Motorrad chose historic Monza to launch the road version of the stunning four-cylinder Superbike. The most competitive class in world motor sport at one of the great circuits would be the ideal venue to launch the S 1000 RR.

The race bike gave us all an outline of its form but the road version is the one that will be seen on the roads. It is the model that will take BMW Motorrad to a completely new group of riders. It is a competitive class and BMW Motorrad had to get it right straight out of the box. It has to perform and look good. On paper it looks to have both covered.

The project has taken over four years and has involved a dedicated team of engineers and designers working to produce a motorcycle that has all the street cred needed in the Supersport class but in distinctive BMW Motorrad package.

Floating side-fairing panels flanks the face of the bike with asymmetric headlights split by the air intake. It is compact and has the style of an Endurance race bike, which sets it apart from the other motorcycles in the class.

The lightweight (59.8 kg) high-tech four-cylinder motor produces 142 kW / 193 hp at 13,000 rpm with max torque of 112 Nm at 9,750 rpm and is designed to perform on the track and as importantly on the road in the real world. At 206.5 kg with full tank (183 kg dry) and equipped with the sports ABS package the S 1000 RR has the best power to weight ratio of any bike in the Supersport area. The Race ABS only adding 2.5 kg to the weight, again lighter than any other comparable system and with DTC, Dynamic Traction Control, the S1000 RR will make a considerable contribution to safety as well as dynamic performance in the real world and the track.

There are four performance settings available, Rain, Sport, Race and Slick, each delivering different power and delivery characteristics. The BMSK-P engine management system taking care of everything. Of course it can be switched off when the rider chooses to go it alone. The settings can be altered via a handlebar switch except for the Slick setting, which is done using a plug. As this is the racetrack setting it will not cause any inconvenience.

The exhaust is equipped with CAT and is designed to cope with current and future legislative requirements. Of course it has to do more than just keep everything legal, the sound the motorcycle produces is of equal importance. The stainless steel system works with the 4 into 2 into 1 pipes leading to a large-volume pre-silencer and then into a short silencer. There are twin power operated flaps in the system that depending on various parameters open and close to increase torque, top end power and noise as required. Race track performance and around town civility all at hand.

It is a sports bike but BMW Motorrad worked on making the S 1000 RR the complete ergonomic package for riders of all sizes. It is important to be comfortable with minimal stress when operating a motorcycle with the capability of the S 1000 RR.

The aluminium bridge frame integrating the engine tilted at 32° as a load-bearing element gives torsional stiffness and stability. Front suspension is taken care of by multi adjustable 46 mm telescopic forks and at the rear central strut attached to the aluminium swingarm via pivoting guide lever. The rear frame section is welded light-alloy bolted to the mainframe. The chassis is designed to not only provide nimble and dynamic handling but as is also very much a road bike, high speed and braking stability.

The S 1000 RR is a pivotal motorcycle for BMW Motorrad. The Supersport market segment is the most fickle and competitive in the world and responsible for about 85,000 sales worldwide. BMW Motorrad initially want 10% of that figure and are confident that with the performance of Corser and Xaus the S 1000 RR will have an impact and attract new riders to BMW Motorrad.

The bike will be release in European showrooms just prior to Christmas; the rest of the world, including Australia will have to hold on for a few months after that. We will however be able to get a look at the S 1000 RR within the next few months when one arrives in Australia and does the rounds of motorcycle shows and BMW Motorrad dealerships.

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