Bore up Honda 100CC (Legenda)

Boost power 100cc Honda engine that easily bothered. cause, the distance four bolts are too close to the cylinder liner or boring. being too close, hard-to-dibore gede gedean up, it's because the diameter of piston replacement options become limited.

kalo enggak know how to outsmart, yes. without shear bolts engine, most could only wear 54-55 mm pistons. even then, was thin and boring so fast heat engine.

to outsmart this problem, honda legend with 100cc honda piston can adopt Sonic piston diameter 58 - 60mm.

that must be done first is to dismantle the whole machine, meaning the crankcase is opened, too.
after that, lathe parts of the mouth of the crankcase cylinder block facing the rear of 3mm. Kudu crankcase section remains dibubut to get into the new boring.

then go to the cylinder block itself, before any installation or specify a new piston liner, kudu told turner, Papas explained that the blocks have a distance gap with the bolts as much as 2 mm blocks.

if the first step already, go pluck the block that is more tightly. asked to to equate turning diameter that fully rounded.
but turner must have know what to do selanjutnnya, because they also typically have experienced.

nah ... only then install a new liner with a diameter of 60.5 mm, and then stay put piston. want size 58 or 60 mm, live set as needed.

after all of the above process is, of course, and power compression increased more yahut ..., because the high compression, so it would be nice if you use fuel with higher octane number, to avoid knocking ngelitik due.

referensi : (motorplus-19/01/08)
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