2009 Ridley Auto-Glide Limited Edition

Personality is the vital spirit of this years’ Auto-Glide Limited. The custom styling and unique features set the ‘09 Limited apart from the rest. It is the first ever Ridley to feature an electronic fuel gauge. That along with its custom black and black cherry paint, and tan leather seat make this a true collectors piece.

Ridley Motorcycle Company will soon introduce its new line of fully automatic transmission motorcycles for 2009. The first model to be introduced is the ‘09 Auto-Glide Limited Edition. With last years Limited Edition model’s wild success, the new year model is expected to have an even greater demand.

The Limited Edition models date back to 2001 when Ridley designed the first 33 HP three-quarter scale model known as the Signature Series One. Demand for that model caused it to sell out before the company began producing the model. Other Limited Edition models included the 2002 Signature Series II, 2003 Vicious Cycle (42 HP, three quarter scale), 2005 L.E. (first belt drive Auto-Glide model), and last year’s 2008 Auto-Glide Limited (first tank mounted electronic dash and black engine).

Base Model MSRP : $21,250
Delivery : $650
MSRP : $21,900

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