1973 Honda C 70 - Modification Chopper

World motorcycle modifications are full color. New innovations are sometimes nyeleneh, the charger creative ideas rolling. Such breakthroughs were able to attract interest and attention. Bermunculannya more new motorcycle, not a threat to the fans old motors to make modifications. As if those being no less attractive and innovative.

An old motorcycle Honda C 70 lansiran restoration in 1973 has taken the concept of a mainstay Chooper modification. Inspired by the model old motors USA, Ari Brew which is a member of the Classical C-70 Group, and to apply existing ideas in his mind. Armed with a set of engine Honda C 70, began work on the concept of modification. The first step is the making of a custom order. So that was harmonious, the steering handle is also made matching hand made. his handle bars he was setting, so the comfort of the rider feels any better.

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