1972 Honda CL450 Scrambler

My 1972 Honda CL450 was a classic street scrambler. Honda kept producing them until 1974. In 1975 the scramblers disappeared without fanfare for thirty years. Then in 2005 Triumph introduced a retro street scrambler based on their new Bonneville bikes. I was thinking of buying one, but in the end I opted for a cruiser styled bike with the low seat, low floorboards, saddlebags and and windshield. For the same price it seemed like a much better deal. And I knew there was almost no chance of me ever going off road even if I had a scrambler.

There is really only about one place in Ontario that you can take a street bike off road, and that's down near Turkey Point. Everywhere else, it's illegal now. All because some kid crashed while riding on a vacant lot, then the parents sued the owner, and of course everything changed.
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