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A New one-piece “GENESIS” Begins

What features, or design ...
Spell of two multiple-choice "GENESIS" is changing!

Racing Wheel features only pursued for sure. I would also choose the design only if you can put up with all the others. However, the design and function, or how little wheel that both. They do they get the satisfaction that you stand for something real. "Professional fund" Forging a fabless three vertices in one piece and asked what all the pieces wheel.

Parallel to the forging durable, easy to take someone like a cast one piece wheel design. Fabless nearly impossible to attempt this conflict has done. Pursue the design and functionality without compromise, reached conclusions about how the latest RIM molding process MAT (Most Advanced Technology). 2.3 is the next generation of forged wheels formula a formula applied to the casting wheel rim of the wheel spinning piece of molding methods. MAT By applying this process, significant changes in internal organization of the material. Even in dense tissue with only aluminum forged wheels, (metal flow) has become possible to achieve. The major strength of the material up, you have succeeded in forging a par with strength and rigidity.

Get the ultimate lightness and strength.

"Genesis" design technology to all feedback wheel racing activity has been accumulated in the top fabless category. 20,19,18 of weight reduction due to lower spring-inch large diameter and required. MAT also benefit from the strength of the material received by the process and made it possible to thin the rim. Rim Kara traditional 1 / 3 will realize that it is vivid and thin I asked.

The traditional one-piece wheel casting is adopted Andakattodezain been possible. The first two to give the press the effort of fabricating process, achieve significant weight. Thus, casting a very traditional one-piece wheels for 40% of the weight to be successful. And make sense of the beauty and visual volume throughout undercut the back spoke up. This is consistent with the idea of fabless customers with three-dimensional surface configurations.

Finally Naru the area of engineering art.

This latest casting technology also contributed to the design surface. Including undercut earlier, exceeding the freedom to forge. 10-spoke radial evolution of the orthodox systems of motor sport. With excellent stress distribution in the corresponding conventional reverse Zoridezain Bikkukyaripa was also impossible. Of course, MAT benefits of thin-spoke recipe is immeasurable. The center caps were decorated with ornaments, including logos, ring, divided into three-piece construction cover. Give the design of the cover portion is an extension of the spokes. Visually look larger while the size and shape of one normal limb and they will decorate your feet stylish than ever. Result, the completion of a compromise unpredictable unique design without sacrificing any of the fabless design and functionality.

20inch 9.0J Polish
20inch 9.0J SBC

19inch 8.5J Polish

19inch 8.5J SBC

18inch 7.5J Polish

18inch 7.5J SBC

15inch 5.0J 45 SBC
15inch 5.0J 45 Polish
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