1982 Kawasaki Binter Merzy KZ200

In Indonesia Binter Merzy Have a lot of Clubs you can see in this blog in side bar have information about this, and then in every clubs must have a many modification of bikes ussualy every club have a chooper style, extreem style, Oll Skool style etc. for this post I will share some of pictures binter merzy in modification, and there it is......

you can see picture there is a very classic bike look like and then you can see there is binter merzy kz200 machine block ..

KZ200 rider, Classic Style, Chooper Style, Rountank modification, Kawasaki, Binter Merzy KZ200
1982 Kawasaki Binter Merzy KZ200 Reviewed by Barra Khatab On Saturday, January 30, 2010, at 5:34 PM Rating: 5
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