1975 Honda CB125S - Retro Classic

1975 Honda CB125S Pictures

The Honda CB125s is a 122 cc motorcycle manufactured by Honda from 1971-1975 (1973-1985 in the US). It features an overhead camshaft (OHC) engine with a 9500 rpm redline and offers 100 mpg, quite astonishing for its period.

1975 Honda CB125S Vintage

The following table contains detail information on 1973 Honda CB125 specs. Herein you will find detail description about the motorcycle engine system, dimension, frame, lubrication and fuel system, cooling and combustion, ignition and starter system, lubrication and electrical specs.


Fuel Gasoline (petrol)
Cooling system and cycles Air-cooled, 4-stroke
Number of cylinder & mounting angle 2 cylinders, parallel 30º up from horizontal
Valves Overhead type
Combustion chamber Semi-spherical
Cylinder capacity 0.1246 liter (7.6 cu in)
Bore x stroke 44 x 41 mm (1.73 x 1.61 in)
Compression ratio 9.0
Compression 10 kg/ sq cm (141.9 psi)
Max. Output 15 hp/10500 rpm
Max. Torque 1.07 mkg (7.7 ft lbl/9200 rpm)
Starting Electric motor and kick system combined
Ignition Battery spark
Spark timing 5º to 45º before top dead center
Spark coil model R208 29700-097 CM12
Spark coil Manufacturer Kokusan Denki, Nihon Denso, HItachi Seisakusho
Carburetor type and number Piston valve type, 2 each
Carburetor manufacturer TK Kikaki, Keihin Seiki
Air cleaner type Filter paper
Air cleaner manufacturer Tokyo Roki
Fuel Tank capacity 10.5 liter (2.8 US gal)
Lubrication system Pump and splash system combined
Type of oil pump Plunger
Type of oil filter Wire mesh and centrifugal system combined
Lubricating oil capacity 1.0 liter (.27 US gal)
Battery model and number MBW 3 – 12 C, 1 each
Battery voltage/capacity 12V 9Ah
Charging generator model EG 19 37000-024 K107
Charging generator manufacturer Kokusan Denki, Nihon Denso, Hitachi Seisakusho
Starting motor model CC03 28000-111 S106
Starting motor manufacturer Kokusan Denki, Nihon Denso, Hitachi Seisakusho
Transmission system Gear system
Reduction ratio 3.700
Clutch model Wet multi-plate
Transmission model Constant engaged gear system
Shifting Left foot system
Gear ratio:
1st 2.769
2nd 1.778
3rd 1.318
4th 1.040


Overall length 1.947 m (6.39 ft)
Overall width 0.745 m (2.45 ft)
Overall height 0.990 m (3.25 ft)
Wheelbase 1.277 m (5.08 ft)
Ground clearance 0.145 m (0.48 ft)
Weight unloaded 127.0 kg (279 lb)


Max. Speed 130 km/h (81 mile/hr)
Fuel consumption ratio 65 km/lit (40 mile/gal)
Climbing ability 18º30′
Min turning radius 2,120 mm (7 ft)
Braking distance 7m (at 35 km/hr) or 23 ft (at 22 mile/hr)
Steering angle 40º (right and left)
Length of handlebar 0.678 m
Running caster 64º
Running trail 0.086 m (0.25 ft)
Tire size front 2.50-18
Tire size rear 2.75-18
Brake front “Two leading” internal expansion
Brake rear Leading, trailing internal expansion
Front suspension Telescopic
Rear suspension Swinging arm
Front shock absorber Coil spring with oil absorber
Rear shock absorber Coil spring with oil absorber
Head lamp model ASS 13
Manufacturer Stanley Electric
Lamps voltage/capacity 12V 30W

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